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Natural Hair Braid Out: Quick and Easy

Hey Beautifuls! Here’s an example of how bad braids can turn into a nice hairstyle! To create this style, I started off with fresh damp hair that I just finished deep conditioning with my mayonnaise treatment. Now I have to admit that I am not the best braider or cornrower (if those are even words), but after the whole process, I was pretty pleased with...

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Braid Out on Natural Hair

DIY Mayonnaise Deep Conditioner for Black Natural Hair

Why spend tons of money on hair products to help condition your black natural hair when you have everything you could possibly need right in your kitchen cabinets? Ingredients Needed: Mayonnaise (any brand) Jojoba Oil (or any oil of your choice) Honey (any brand) Tea Tree Oil How To Make: On natural unwashed dry hair, part the hair into four sections, or however many sections you...

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DIY Natural Hair Conditioner with Mayonnaise

The KEY to making my black natural hair SOFT!

  Hey Beautifuls! Over the last two years, I’ve experienced a great amount of hair growth. However, I couldn’t help but notice that I was missing something when it came to the moisture level and softness of my hair. When I compared my first year of being a black natural to my second year, I noticed one big product that I didn’t use on my...

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homemade shea butter mixture

2 Year Natural Anniversary Length Check: Hello Growth!

Over the last year, I have to say my hair grew fairly long! I especially noticed the growth when I compared the photos from my one year natural hair length check to my two year natural hair length check. My weekly routine consisted of me detangling, washing, and conditioning my hair in the shower, followed by me moisturizing and two strand twisting my hair into...

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Two Year Natural Length Check

The key to a successful twistout

Hey Beautifuls! We all know that shrinkage can be a pain… I two strand twisted my freshly washed natural hair. To wash and condition my hair, I used Giovanni’s 50/50 Balanced Hydrating Clarifying Shampoo and MOROCCANOIL Intense Hydrating Mask. After washing my hair, I applied Giovanni’s Direct Leave-in conditioner, and sealed the moisture in with my Jamaican Black Castor oil and Grapeseed oil mixture that...

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Natural hair twistout

Natural hair length check-18 months

Hey Beautifuls! In this video, you will see my natural hair growth progress over the last 18 months. Caring for black natural hair can be quite the challenge, but it is important to maintain patience with your hair at all times. From the time that I did my “big chop” until now, I have trimmed my hair roughly 4 times, taking off about a 1/4...

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Here is a view of my natural hair growth after 18 months.

Curlformers Product Review – Ummm…Not for me!

Hey Beautifuls! I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the Curlformers aka expensive rollers! In this video, I pretty much rant about how the Curlformers are an extreme waste of time and money. I spent $70 plus for these plastic rollers. They are overrated and overpriced! Why did I go out and purchase these to begin with you ask? Well, because I wanted to find a different...

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Here is a picture of one of the Curlformers that I attempted to put in my natural hair.

Terressentials Product Review

Hey Beautifuls! Some products can be down-right messy! If you use Terressentials mud wash, check out this video for a quick tip! This video is based on a product review for Terressentials Organic Pure Earth Hair Wash Lavender Garden. It’s an all-natural mud wash for natural hair. A few of the key ingredients are aloe vera juice, yang lang, sweet orange extract, among many other...

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Here is a bottle of the Terressentials Mud Wash Lavendar Garden.

DIY: Natural Hair Oil Mixture

Hey Beautifuls!  Sometimes creating your own mixture for your hair is the most effective way to go! In this video I demonstrate what I do to create the natural hair oil mixture that I use to seal in the moisture for my hair. After using the different hair greases, I decided to resort back to natural oils because it’s easier to re-moisturize my hair when...

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Grapeseed oil is one of the oils I used in my natural hair.

Natural Hair Big Chop: The Second Time Around

Unless you have made the choice to keep your hair short because of a personal preference, having to do a second big chop can leave one feeling a little disappointed with the condition their hair is in. Well I’m here to say while I have not done a second big chop, one of my fellow natural sisters, and also a close friend of mine, Michelle...

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Michelle's natural hair progress after second big chop

Natural Hair: Stepping out of your element

Mafia Martin speaks on the importance of loving and embracing one’s individuality. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mafia Martin, the founder of MafiaMartin.com, to dig deep into what being natural means to her, and the reasoning behind why she went natural. Often when I am out in public, and someone compliments me on my hair, if the person is not natural it is usually...

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Mafia Martin Natural Hair

Alikay Naturals Co-Founder Talks Natural Hair- The Transition

This fall is all about transitioning with grace. Whether you’re flirting with the idea of undergoing the “Big chop” or embracing a new role as entrepreneur or mother; Beautifulnaps celebrates the natural evolvement of every woman and shares insight from an interview with Alikay Naturals’ C.E.O and Co-founder, Rochelle Graham-Campbell. It’s no wonder; this natural hair goddess knows a thing or two about transitioning with...

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Alikay Naturals Co-Founder Talks Natural Hair- The Transition

Natural Hair: Sew-ins can be detrimental to the hair

Natural hair protective styles are hairstyles that help retain moisture, protect the ends, and shield the hair from every day wear and tear. Though this is so, there are “protective styles” that can be more harmful than protective. One hair style that is very popular in the Black community is sew-ins. Sew-ins are put in the hair by cornrowing the hair, and then sewing the...

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Natural Hair Sew-in

Alikay Naturals Co-Founder Talks Natural Hair: The Journey

The natural hair trend has remarkably grown over the last couple of years, and you can see the proof in the pudding simply by searching natural hair, or black natural hair in the YouTube search engine. The number of naturalistas seeking and giving advice is astounding. One of the first black natural hair YouTubers to make her mark on the growing trend is Rochelle Graham-Campbell...

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Alikay Naturals Product Line Logo

Using Manuka Honey as a Natural Hair Moisturizer

It’s amazing how something that tastes so good can have such great benefits on hair! Containing a great amount of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, not only does manuka honey promote healing for the body, the positive effects it has on hair are equally as great. Let’s take a look! Benefits Include: Prevention of hair loss and balding Adds shine and luster to hair that...

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Honey used for natural hair

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque Product Review

Hello Ladies! This is Melissa B. reporting with reviews you can use for beautifulnaps.com! Today, I will be bringing you my review on Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque. I will start by saying that my hair is not in the best condition currently. Due to time constraints, I had been doing the cardinal NONO for natural hair care: using gel!!! I know there...

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shea moisture deep treatment masque

L’Oreal Everstrong Sulfate Free Fortify System Reconstruct Conditioner Product Review

Hello Ladies!!!  This is Melissa B. bringing you the product scoop for Beautifulnaps.com. This is the second part of the review for the L’Oreal Everstrong Sulfate Free Fortify series. I will be evaluating the conditioner for this portion of the product review. I will start by quickly referencing the shampoo review that I had written the previous week. I found the L’Oreal Everstrong Sulfate Free...

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Loreal Everstrong Sulfate Free Reconstruct Conditioner

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