2 Year Natural Anniversary Length Check: Hello Growth!

Two Year Natural Length Check
10 Jan 2013

Over the last year, I have to say my hair grew fairly long!

I especially noticed the growth when I compared the photos from my one year natural hair length check to my two year natural hair length check. My weekly routine consisted of me detangling, washing, and conditioning my hair in the shower, followed by me moisturizing and two strand twisting my hair into large twists. Two of my signature hairstyles were the puff, and a bun. Sometimes in the middle of the week I would re-detangle my hair, and then two strand twist it again. Though this routine worked to help retain length, there are a couple things I would like to do differently. I will elaborate further on.

What I Used

The products that I used during my weekly routine include Giovanni  50/50 Hydrating Clarifying Shampoo, Moroccan Oil Products Hydrating Mask, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, Grapeseed Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and Jojoba Oil. I definitely love the products that I used going into my second year, and I’ll definitely continue to use them going into my third year.

Things I Would Like To Change

A few things that I would like to do differently going into my third year of being natural include re-twisting or re-braiding my hair every night to help keep it stretched which will also decrease the number of single strand knots I get; properly moisturize my hair throughout the week, not just wait until wash day; be a little more creative with hairstyles, and not use “protective hairstyling” as an excuse to be lazy.

Things That Worked

A few things that I will carry over into my third year that I’ve been doing are continue to detangle my hair with the Wet Brush, continue to do hot oil treatments in my hair once to twice a month, and lastly continue my hair washing regimen which includes focusing on clarifying my scalp when washing my hair, not the hair in its entirety.

Overall, it is quite an honor to have made it to two years natural. At the current moment my hair is pretty much above bra strap length. My goal for the third year is to reach below bra strap length, and to have a head full of healthy natural hair.

Two Year Natural Length Check

Two Year Natural Length Check


Katrina Coleman


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